Master Crisis

You have always been a high-achiever not settling and willing to stretch yourself to do the best you can do.

You even keep pushing yourself causing your mind to be on overdrive because of the overwhelming expectations people have of you to produce while neglecting your own emotional and mental health.

Minimize your state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion from providing long hours of therapy to successfully transitioning into a boss and building a business where you control the demands, pressure, and responsibility!

Honestly, You as a counselor or therapist know how important self-care is to your mental psyche and personal life, yet you disregard the signs in your life that you help others identify in there’s.

In all truth, you are experiencing a lot of anxiety due to the pressures you place on yourself. It’s time to eliminate the pressure. Happiness Lies Ahead! 

What if the stress you’re experiencing has you feeling helpless and completely exhausted, missing out on new opportunities waiting (NOW) for you in family, relationships, and self-awareness growth, are the signs of Burnout?

Regain Balance & Control

Not only can you regain balance and control, but you can design a business for your lifestyle, transform your life experiences into value for others, stabilize your emotions, mental health, and build true wealth in all areas of your life!

Imagine if you could


from private practice with ease by learning a procedure for coaching those in crisis without using therapy.


your cultural awareness across borders by leveraging everything you have done and will do in the field of mental health in order to transform life experiences without stress.


the stress that is attached to high-maintenance or severe psychiatric clients requiring intensive crisis-based services.


sustainable wealth with your talents, experiences, knowledge, character, community, energy, spirit, and love.


your imposter syndrome cape and attain personal freedom by coaching when you want to, where you want and with who you want to.


the pressure of maintaining licensures to not having to be licensed in order too provide coaching services.

Walk away

from private practice, free from required regulations and paperwork to finally have more autonomy over your clients and services offered

✓ removing the excessive and prolonged stress associated with burnout which reduces productivity and depletes your energy, leaving you feeling increasingly helpless, hopeless, cynical, and resentful to finally creating the life you deserve full of happiness and regulated emotional health.


✓ if you could be well appreciated for stabilizing individuals when they are in the “In Between” of life and moving them to a healthy place of sobriety and excellence while encouraging them not only to feel better but be better.


✓ taking breaks, and holidays, and creating self-care routines that help you flourish in your everyday life, relationships, and community while decreasing the possibility of burnout turning into acute stress causing health concerns that may contribute to premature death.

an easier, way to transition individuals from a therapist, and counselor to C.R.I.S.I.S Coach!

The C.R.I.S.I.S Coaching Certification Program is designed with a hybrid coaching model that involves group and in-person training that combines methodology, research, and evidence best practices to help you become the best CRISIS Coach.

Build a Life

Create a life with a lack of stress, and emotional damage.

Implement Healthy Boundaries

While creating self-care strategies, and healthy daily routines which lead to a more balanced life.

Make yourself a priority

Do not feel guilty for maintaining your Mental Health & using the word NO.

Take Responsibility

For your own life, health and determine what success will look like based on your expectations & not the expectations of others.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Start comparing yourself to the person you look at in the mirror. No competition.

Realize Happiness

Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. It’s a choice.

The in-between is one of the most difficult stages to enter in life, however, if you challenge fear during the process you will understand your value.

Creating a healthy mindset free of burnout was an investment in my overall well-being.

What's Included

This program was developed and designed with over 20 years of evidence-based and clinical experience. This structured robust 6 month is a rigorous process that prepares you to be capable, competent crisis wellness coaches that understand the health and wellness components of the individuals you may service.


The goal is to shift your mindset and rewire parts of your brain to become a coach, not a therapist. The 6-month duration will allow you to test all the tools we provide and demonstrate your coaching ability. Ultimately being a certified NBHWC coach that can bill insurance companies.

The choice is yours!

Please note: A $100 application fee is required to submit this application.


4 Days Intensive CRISIS Coaching CERTIFICATION

Your program includes a minimum of 75 instructional hours of training and education for the CRISIS Coaching model. You will learn practical skills development, feedback, and assessments where you will demonstrate at least 3 complete practice coaching sessions of at least 20-minute durations. In addition, you will focus on business development.


Bi-weekly we’ll have via live interactive webinars and calls totaling 45+ hours of coach-specific coursework. Here you will have guest experts, and counselors to help develop you in the area of coaching. You will successfully pass a test demonstrating foundational knowledge of key CRISIS concepts. Successfully demonstrate mastery of the ICF Core coaching competencies with submission of recorded coaching sessions.


You will have a group coaching call with me for Q&A to answer any questions you may have or concerns that were not answered during the webinars. This will help to develop your confidence, strengthen your mindset and manage your emotional health. I am your accountability partner!


This will be a retreat offered for individuals that have been certified through the CRISIS Coaching Certification. As a licensed clinician and coach for over 22 years, I understand what others’ baggage can do to your emotional health. 

My team will provide 3 days of well-planned divine intervention. This will be a time where you are poured into and have an opportunity to relax and be coached, counseled, rejuvenated, and restored. After the retreat, you will leave feeling rescued, recalibrated, but most of all whole.


You will be a part of an amazing group of Coaches with access to resources, recordings, monthly classes, and more. You will always be able to come back, we want to alleviate any stress levels you may feel.

Listen! I get it. I was there just this time last year when I made the decision to step out on faith. It was very scary but I had to follow my own advice.

I found myself with health issues, helplessness, mental fatigue, and my brain hurt! Have you ever just felt like your Brain Hurts? I was experiencing burnout! 

I found out that I could still do what I love without the complexities I wore as a badge of honor. Crisis Coaching changed that narrative and it can do the same for you.

Please note: A $100 application fee is required to submit this application.


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