be the best version of yourself!

Recognize that the best version of yourself should be your vision, not anybody else’s.

You don’t just happen to stumble upon the best version of yourself. You need to start from the beginning and take a high number of small steps in order to become what you envision.


There is no miraculous shortcut to a better version of yourself.

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Master of Crisis Therapy ™

Heather Henley is a woman who knows just what it means to develop trust as it relates to relationships within the mental health community.

From domestic abuse victim to best-selling author, Heather Henley is the master of crisis therapy – shaking up the broken to swiftly bring their junk to the surface to enable them to deal with it now. She promotes mass healing quickly (versus individual healing slowly) and has a proven track record of getting amazing
results in the most hopeless situations – even where others have failed.

Heather knows that you are your past and until you have the right tools, you can’t ever fully live presently.

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A woman of passion, vision, and purpose, Heather embodies a no-nonsense approach to her message. “If it can’t be done in six months, it can’t be done” is a quote she lives by as she is hand-picked by state agencies to work with the worst clients to stabilize them.

Her clients affectionately as the “Queen of Consequences” as she is constantly reinforcing belief in natural consequences and accountability. She is transparent, without pretense, and wise in her counsel.

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