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As a CEO/Entrepreneur & Qualified, Certified, Registered, Licensed Mental Health Consultant, Heather wants to inspire you to higher heights spiritually, personally, and professionally. As a catalyst for change using clear vision, strong alliances and knowledge based research, she will equip individuals to make choices, find courage and change that will propel you into your destiny.

The CHANGE will shift you from self-doubt, fear, and procrastination to courageous activation. You will become equipped to make decisions that will ignite vision and move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Master Crisis

Minimize your state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion from providing long hours of therapy to successfully transitioning into a boss and building a business where you control the demands, pressure, and responsibility!


Heather’s presentations include personal development, leadership growth, conflict resolution  and helps individuals to Identify, challenge, and replace fearful self-talk and beliefs with reality-based, positive self-talk and beliefs. She is a Certified Real Colors Facilitator and uses the Real Colors System to increase individuals level of insight syntonic versus dystonic toward the presenting problems. This will assist in demonstrating good insight into the problematic nature of the described behavior. Individuals will learn to agree with others and is motivated to work on change. Tailored and customized talks are available upon request.


Our seminars, workshops and training are interactive which enables participants to gain the greatest knowledge base for the topic. Strategies, new perspectives and ideas are generated through teaching, brainstorming and discussions. This group teaching method leads to a practical, hands-on and motivating session where the participants’ learning experience is accomplished.

Topics Include:

​Managing Your Anger: Recognizing the Signs of Potential Conflict

  • Learn and implement anger management skills that reduce irritability, anger, and aggressive behavior.
  • Significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of temper outbursts.
  • Terminate all acts of aggression including destruction of property, physical aggression, and acts of violence or cruelty toward people or animals.
  • Interact consistently with individuals in a mutually respectful manner.
  • Markedly reduce frequency of passive-aggressive behaviors by expressing anger and frustration through controlled, respectful, and direct verbalization.


I Am An Orange

This is an emotional entrust building exercise to give individuals an opportunity to communicate with each other and have a better understanding of each other’s lives and beyond the obvious.


Organizational & Planning to Walk Into Your Destiny

This workshop empowers individuals to create a path to achieve their definite purpose in life. Educate individuals to live beyond the scope of their imagination. Actively build a level of trust with others through knowledge based practices of the dream or idea. Make sure we are understanding of the necessary processes for expansion and growth.  Maintain our polices and procedures through standardized processes.


Embrace A New You

This workshop empowers individuals to take a journey.  A journey is a drive, jaunt, trip or a passage. When taking a journey it takes a lot of TIME not meant to be quick. So as you take this journey or passage in time stop and take in what you hear and see it’s a part of your process. Allow God to reinvent, restore and reclassify you during the journey. Take note of the beauty, life and sadness while on this journey. Understanding that when you get to the DESTINY life will not be as you once knew it. Life will just begin.

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